No Journey can but evoke inspiration. Inspiration can but evoke beauty.

A fundamental principle in the life of Marika Baldoni, Visual Merchandiser and Stylist who decided at the beginning of her carrier that the world would be her inspiration. Born in 1978 in Ravenna, a city which has historical links between East and West. Genius and madness. Here, she began her artistic studies which expanded over time into the field of scenography. At just 22 years of age she left for the United States and set up home in Miami, a place where the souls of North and South America meet in an explosion of culture that leaves its mark behind.

She started her career as a Visual Merchaniser in the capital city of Florida. Travel remained her goal in life: on returning to Europe, she stopped off in London, the undisputed capital of world fashion, where she attended the prestigious St Martins School, specialising in design and fashion. Once back in Italy she was still mesmerised by the world and its offerings. This inspired an intense collaboration with renowned Italian retailers in the luxury goods sector. Today, she is still constantly on the look out for shapes, forms, colours and consistencies. Marika Baldoni is a Visual Stylist and Set Designer, working all over the world, from China to the United States. In this international setting important partnerships have been set up in the worlds of fashion, design and communication. Presently she is exhibiting one of her creations at the Milan Triennial, in occasion of the exhibition dedicated to Female Design.